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I like to think that I’m always learning more about movement, and it follows that over time my views on certain aspects of movement have changed, sometimes pretty dramatically. So, it also follows that sometimes when I re-read an article I wrote a while back, it can feel sort of cringe-y, because it now feels outdated or overly simplistic However: this is not one of those articles!! I still very firmly believe that flexibility and strength are not binary, opposing forces, but rather, two side of the same coin. In fact, we now know that strength is actually a *pre-requisite* to good range of motion, and that passive stretching alone doesn’t really cut it anymore if you’re trying to increase ROM. I wrote about the strength/flexibility relationship in more detail in this article for @yoga_medicine and I was jazzed to discover that (so far) it has stood the test of time! Let me know what you think of you check it out. #Repost @yoga_medicine yoga_medicine with @get_repost ・・・ Strength ≉ Tightness. The common association between strong muscles and inflexibility is becoming less common as more athletes are turning to a regular yoga practice to balance out their strength. Read why Yoga Medicine instructor @jennitarma thinks you need both strength and flexibility, how they go hand in hand, and some simple exercises to access extra scapular mobility in a yoga practice in her blog article for Yoga Medicine. Link in bio! Photo of @jnishimura #mobility #shouldermobility #strengthvsflexibility #YogaMedicine #YogaMedicineFamily #RaisingtheBar #WomenEmpoweringWomen #EducationExperienceResults #yoga #namaste #yogaeverydamnday #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogajourney #yogateacherlife #yogaasana #mindfulness #chinesemedicine #yogateachertraining

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