@itsalisonheilig is a renaissance woman of fitness: she’s a yoga teacher, running and CrossFit coach, a badass marathon runner and weightlifter, AND her book on durability for athletes is coming out soon Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped that my @strongerwithyoga e-book project has her support! If you or someone you know is dealing with hamstring injuries/hamstring tendinopathy (a literal pain in the a**), click over to the @strongerwithyoga profile to find out how you can manage this injury in the short run and heal it for good in the long run. #Repost @itsalisonheilig with @get_repost ・・・ A few people have asked me recently if my book is going to address how to deal with chronic hamstring issues — you know, that literal pain in the lower part of your butt. . The short answer is no. My book is more geared toward general injury prevention practices through developing better balance among the communities of muscles in your body. . But, if you are one of the many who’s struggling with chronic hamstring pain, this is the resource I’ve been pointing people toward. . I had the opportunity to preview this @strongerwithyoga e-book written by my friend @jennitarma and it’s packed with great info on how to effectively and safely rehab hamstring injuries. It’s also a fabulous resource for yoga teachers and fitness trainers on how to help your students and clients manage this notoriously challenging and slow area to heal. . Look, stretching your hamstrings more is not a helpful solution for dealing with hamstring stuff — in fact, it can actually just make it worse. But there are some really great strategies out there for managing it and this book captures them nicely. Check out @strongerwithyoga for a link to download the book. . #strongerwithyoga #hamstringrehab #athleticrecovery #sportsinjury #injuryrehab #hamstringinjury #hamstrings #yogaforrunners #yogaforathletes

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