4 Poses To Fine-Tune Foot Stability + Prevent Injury // Yoga Journal

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Blog

If you’ve ever checked out the anatomy of the human foot, you’ll know just how complex and nuanced a structure it is! We tend to take our feet for granted, but the reality is that keeping the feet healthy is absolutely crucial, and any foot issues have a nasty tendency to translate up the chain into other parts of the body. Annie Carpenter‘s workshop on foot anatomy was enlightening, but also exhausting in the best possible way: we spent so much time isolating and engaging often under-utilized muscles that my lower legs were pretty sore later that night!

If you’ve ever experienced, say, cramping in your feet during one-legged balancing poses, the supporting muscles of the foot might be in need of a little tune-up. You can read my article on strengthening the feet (and specifically the peroneus longus muscle) here at Yoga Journal. Enjoy! xo